Throughout its history, CEASE has implemented programs in several schools in the Southwest Baltimore and Waverly communities. Beginning in 2008, CEASE held a Photo Voice project at Southwest Baltimore Charter School, James McHenry Elementary/Middle School and George Washington Elementary School for 30 students. The response to this program was so great that the student’s pictures were displayed at Baltimore City Hall for two months! The project was replicated in 2014 at Waverly Elementary/Middle School and Tunbridge Elementary Middle School.

Currently CEASE’s Youth programming is composed of two groups, funded through the Baltimore City Health Department’s Cigarette Restitution Fund programming and a grant from the National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities. Both After-school program students and Youth Advisory Coalition students were disturbed at being targeted as replacement smokers by the tobacco industry.

The After-school program focused on developing youth performances designed to educate their peers about the dangers and reality of tobacco use. Thirty students from 4 schools performed at 7 schools (Southwest Baltimore Charter School, Connexions High School, Reginald F. Lewis High School, Charles Carroll Barrister Elementary School, James McHenry Elementary Middle/School, Augusta Fella High School, Francis M. Wood High School) as well as two community events- the May 28th Menthol Forum and  Z-Hap’s June 6th health fair.

The Youth Advisory Coalition was formed from students at 4 schools, to make recommendations to the Baltimore City Health Department on effective methods to prevent tobacco use in young people. Among their recommendations were projects like Photo Voice, supporting students to develop commercials like Truth and Real Cost, holding Positive Protests and Rallies, and health-focused performing arts programs

Looking ahead, CEASE plans to continue to work with youth in the community to give them opportunities to educate other youth with creative activities developed to capture their interest.  Creating leaders is a priority for CEASE and starting with the youth is the best way to ensure that our community is armed with the knowledge to prevent the unnecessary damage tobacco causes.