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CEASE is our response to the burden and devastation tobacco use causes to our community. Tobacco use causes more than 440,000 people to die prematurely each year- all of them preventable. Another 8.6 million live with a serious illness caused by smoking or secondhand smoke. In Maryland 6,800 people die annually because of a tobacco related disease, secondhand smoke or fires. According to our research, South West (SW) Baltimore’s rate of smoking is 3 times higher than the national average.

CEASE stands for “Communities Engaged and Advocating for a Smoke-Free Environments”. Our members are residents and local organizations based in SW Baltimore who seek to create a healthy, smoke-free community.

CEASE has partnered with SW Baltimore businesses, Faith Based Organizations, Public Schools and Recovery Organizations to prevent youth from beginning to use tobacco and provide support for those needing to become smoke-free for life. We also aim to expand our focus into nutrition, exercise awareness and all issues where health and community intersect.

With support from the National Institute of Minority and Health Disparities in 2002, CEASE developed into its present form through a Community-Based Participatory Research project in 2008. It was funded to identify a community problem that residents and other interested parties collaboratively agreed on and were willing to work toward resolving. Through outreach activities, word of mouth, incentives and sheer determination CEASE was born.

Although our services have been primarily offered in SW Baltimore, we are in the process of growing our program into new areas and communities. While our Mission is not yet fulfilled, our successes make us stronger and our resolve even greater.

For more information please visit our Mission & Vision, What We Do, and Our Team pages. Or to make an inquiry Contact Us.

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