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Funding Opportunity

Dear CEASE Colleagues,

The ASCEND Center for Biomedical Research, a sister organization at Morgan State University, has an opportunity that we want to bring to your attention: Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Small Grants.

This initiative’s purpose is to fund small (up to $20,000) health-related community-based participatory research (CBPR) projects, led collaboratively by Morgan State University faculty, post-doctoral fellows or doctoral students, in partnership with a community-based initiative. The program creates opportunities for students and faculty to design and participate in health-related CBPR projects. Letters of intent are due March 4th, and applications are due April 4th.

The guidance/instructions, forms, and further details are available on our website at:

We encourage you to work with an MSU faculty member, post-doctoral fellow or doctoral candidate and apply for this program. Contact Ms. Gillian Silver (, ASCEND Program Manager, with any questions.



CEASE Photo Voice Project

By Timeeka Addison

The CEASE Photo Voice project was one of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever had the pleasure of working with!  Over the summer, for 7 weeks, Maggie Davenport, Benn Eaton,  myself and occasionally, O’Shea Addison (a former Photo Voice participant), had the pleasure of working with 20 kids from Tunbridge Charter School and Waverly Middle School on a project, for Ms.  Sherita Henry’s doctoral thesis, for Morgan State University.

The students were randomly separated into two groups, Tobacco (Group 1) and Physical Activity & Nutrition (Group 2).  The Tobacco group would meet each week for 7 weeks while the Physical Activity and Nutrition group would meet only twice, the first and last weeks of the project.

Group 1 received hands-on guidance and skills training in communication, leadership, and critical thinking.  Each week they were to photograph 10 pictures of how they saw tobacco in their neighborhoods. The students eventually developed a narrative for two pictures as their final products.

Students in Group 2 chose a health condition or disease to report on and were asked to show how physical activity and proper nutrition could possibly improve that condition. They checked in with Ms. Henry on a weekly basis and kept a journal to show what they were developing.  These students also took 10 pictures a week and chose 3 to create a collage.  They worked very independently and were allowed to stretch their imaginations as far as they wished to get their points across.

Over the course of the 7 weeks, I witnessed a number of things with Group 1.  The shy and often soft spoken children that walked into the classrooms on the first week were transformed into confident, students, eager to share, who wanted to be heard.  The first couple of weeks the photographs were not necessarily from the community, but instead from magazines, the internet and even their own family members.  They didn’t quite have the courage to venture out and ask members of the community for permission to take their picture.  So, we took one class session and went out on a little field trip into the community.  On that outing, we saw the students gain the confidence to walk up to people, explain their project and get the best photos that they had taken thus far.  As a matter of fact, most of the photos that were chosen for the final selections were from the field trip.

Week 7 came so quickly and then the sessions were over.  The students walked in and were ready to show us what they had accomplished.  Group 1 was able to choose mats and frames then mount their own pictures.   Group 2 came in with their collages and journals and was equally proud of their finished projects.  It was amazing to see how much the students learned and how well they utilized the skills to produce such awesome pieces.  Just listening to them share how they chose their final pictures and came up with all of their ideas was so rewarding.  Some of their responses actually shocked me.  Some of the students actually got the interest of their family members and are asking about smoking cessation classes.  That for me was the highlight of it all.  To see that by educating the student, the parents got educated too.

We displayed the projects at Back to School Night at both schools in mid-September. The students, staff and family members were encouraged to look at the students finished work. On October 2nd  we are holding a gala event for the staff from both schools and the families of the participants, as well as interested community leaders and the press.  The most exciting part is that all of the students, from both groups and from both schools, will finally come together and share their experiences.  I can’t wait!

Past Participant? You may qualify for a new study.

If you have ever participated in a CEASE Quit Smoking Class, you may qualify for a short 1-hour study. We will pay $25 stipend for your time, and offer free refreshments.  For more information please call 443-814-9145 or email for more information.

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