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Great American Smokeout

Millions of people attempt to quit smoking every year- yet less than 7% are actually successful. To some, the thought of quGASOitting seems overwhelming. Many studies have shown that smokers with a strong support system who can guide and motivate them while quitting, are the most successful in staying quit. For that reason, the American Cancer Society has created an annual day in November to challenges smokers to quit for one-day, while aligning them with tobacco cessation resources to aid them in staying quit. This special day is called the Great American Smokeout. Since its inception in the 1970s, the Great American Smokeout is held on the third Thursday in November.

The Great American Smokeout is also instrumental in raising awareness of the lives lost and negative health impact associated with smoking as well as creating momentum in the anti-tobacco movement. Through their efforts many states with strong anti-tobacco legislation have seen the numbers of smokers dwindle. Maryland, one of the most progressive states with regards to tobacco restrictions, faces an uphill battle with smoking in the Black community. For example, in Southwest Baltimore, a predominantly Black community, 59% of residents smoking, while the state average in Maryland is 15%. With this obvious health disparity in mind, CEASE has been instrumental in helping area residents quit smoking by creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere. Join us on November 2oth, 2014 as we support American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout.

For more information on how you can QUIT for good, look at our new class schedule in our November newsletter.